Email Marketing: The Most Important Segmentation Strategy You’ve Never Heard Of

Email Marketing: The Most Important Segmentation Strategy You’ve Never Heard Of…

Insert RFM Segmentation.

Underlying the RFM segmentation technique is the idea that marketers can gain an extensive understanding of their customers by analyzing three quantifiable factors. These are:

Recency: How much time has elapsed since a customer’s last activity or transaction with the brand? Activity is usually a purchase, although variations are sometimes used, e.g., the last visit to a website or use of a mobile app. In most cases, the more recently a customer has interacted or transacted with a brand, the more likely that customer will be responsive to communications from the brand.

Frequency: How often has a customer transacted or interacted with the brand during a particular period of time? Clearly, customers with frequent activities are more engaged, and probably more loyal, than customers who rarely do so. And one-time-only customers are in a class of their own.

Monetary: Also referred to as “monetary value,” this factor reflects how much a customer has spent with the brand during a particular period of time. Big spenders should usually be treated differently than customers who spend little. Looking at monetary divided by frequency indicates the average purchase amount – an important secondary factor to consider when segmenting customers.

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How to Improve Online Conversion to Your Email File

Generating traffic to your website is just part of your online marketing plan. Many small business owners get excited about having a lot of internet traffic but that traffic isn’t terribly useful unless your visitors are compelled to ‘do something’. In order to effectively monetize that traffic, you need to concentrate on online conversion so that visitors to your site become part of your email, RSS feed, or social media community.

Internet Marketing Strategies – Using Emails to Get Subscribers to Take Action

Using emails to get subscribers to take a specific action should be one of your key internet marketing strategies. You have gotten an email to the person on your list. They opened the email. And they are reading your message.

E-mail Etiquette Please!

Somewhere along the way technology happened…like a flash of light- we were avoiding human contact with the touch of a button. With the use of the internet, text messaging, and Facebook we have managed to find every way to keep in touch as often or as little as we’d like without any remorse. This is great…and absolutely awful at the same time. There is such thing as business and technology etiquette, and though many people today have forgotten or not cared to follow the unspoken rules- it still applies.

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When a person subscribes to a company’s email mailing list they expect a few things from the company. If the subscriber’s expectations are not met or they feel that are being exploited in any manner, you will quickly find your subscribers will begin to opt out of receiving emails from your company…

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Social Nets Vs Email

Email is maturing. It has settled into its niche as an excellent longer-form instantaneous communication tool.

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