Email Marketing: Review of The Best Email Marketing Tools

In this video, Jacob reviews his favorite email marketing tools.

Email Marketing is a massive channel with tons of great, decent, and not so great email marketing platforms and email marketing software.

So it was super helpful to have Jacob give his breakdown and analysis on over a dozen different email marketing software categories.

We cover the following email marketing software categories:

– Best Email Marketing Platform // Best Email Marketing Software

– Best SMS Marketing Platform // Best SMS Marketing Software

– Best Email Popup Platform // Best Email Popup Software

– Best Survey Platform // Best Survey Software

– Best Loyalty Platform // Best Loyalty Software

– Best Referral Platform // Best Referral Software

– Best Review Platform // Best Review Software

– Best Subscription Platform // Best Subscription Software

– Best Shipping Analytics Platform // Best Shipping Analytics Software

– Best Quiz Platform // Best Quiz Software

– Best Postcard Platform // Best Postcard Software

– Best Email Countdown Platform // Best Email Countdown Software

– Best Email Testing Platform // Best Email Testing Software

– Best Email Design Platform // Best Email Design Software

Jacob Sappington is a Partner at Homestead (, an ecommerce marketing agency.

You can connect with Jacob on Twitter here:

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