Email Marketing Course Review

Sophia shares her review of my ecommerce email marketing course.

As a general digital marketer, my course allowed Sophia to begin focusing and specializing on becoming an incredible email marketer.

My course helped her go from beginner to intermediate which ultimately helped her perfect her service offering for her ecommerce clients and retain them longer as a result.

You can check out my ecommerce email marketing course here:

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Benefits of HTML Emails Over Text Emails

We have all heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” However, if the cover looks boring it’s not as likely that we will read it as if the book cover is designed in an appealing way. The same thing goes for email marketers and those who are interested in having their emails read should use html emails over text emails every single day. In fact, sending text emails when there is so much technology and simply amazing graphics that could be utilized to one’s advantage just doesn’t make sense. That’s why if you want your email marketing campaign to be successful you need to send HTML emails.

How to Make Money With Viral Emails

There used to be an old joke about the three best ways to pass along information quickly-telephone, telegraph, and tell a woman. That made the rounds a long time before the information highway opened for business! The most effective way to spread the word nowadays is with a viral email. But how do we do that?

Photographers – Techniques For Gathering Email Addresses For Marketing Your Business

More email addresses means more people will get and read your newsletter. While there an many techniques for getting these email addresses, don’t overlook the most simple: ask Directly.

How to Use Email Marketing Without Having a Web Site

Email Marketing is a great way to advertise – it’s very cost effective and produces great results. But can you still use email marketing if you don’t have a web site? Yes you can!

How to Send an Email Offer

The ideal way is to only send e-mail offer solicitations as a separate broadcast e-mails, from your pre-loaded newsletter e-mails. Your broadcasts notifying your list of a product launch, new item in stock, seasonal special you’re running or whatever you are wanting to sell. If they don’t opt out, (usually because they feel there is value to your pre-loaded emails or your products are good), you continue to broadcast to them all until they actually buy your product or service. Then they will be copied to an additional list of proven buyers only.

Your Goal in Email Marketing

“The Easy Money’s In The List” is the truth, but it takes dedication to purpose and tenacity to build a targeted and viable list of prospective customers, into a list of customers that have proven to be regular buyers of your goods and services. When you have reached the ultimate goal you will have literally created a money machine that prints profits on demand.

Email Marketing Tips – Why Your Emails Aren’t Working at All

Is your email marketing not producing the results you envisioned? Then you are not alone. Most email marketers are struggling to get by with their promotions. But right now, you hold the power in your hands to change that and finally get your email promotions working and producing profits for you. Once you read this, you will be armed with all you need to start creating profitable promotions.

12 Email Marketing Tips For a Small Business

Email marketing is becoming increasingly important for smaller businesses. Email marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of the internet with an increasing number of smaller businesses and entrepreneurs using it successfully to expand their business.

How to Do Effective Email Marketing

What’s the difference between effective email marketing and bad email marketing? Knowing this difference can make the distinction between a successful online business and a failed one.

How to Use Email Campaigns to Promote Casino Related Products

Email marketing is one of the commonly used marketing methods. It is so widely used that it is getting harder to convert your leads to customers. But it can still be a good marketing way to promote casino related products if you know how to…

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