Email Marketing Case Study

If you’re in Ecommerce, you probably know MatchaBar.

In this Email Marketing Case Study video, you’ll learn why a replenishment reminder email flow is so important for brands that sell consumables and topicals.

MatchaBar’s products are consumables that need to be re-ordered in order to keep a customer’s matcha stash full. This means that finding the right send time for re-order nudges is crucial.

The replenishment flow was set up to test for the ideal delay based on the product ordered and average time between orders in Shopify.

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Evolution of Email – The Beginning of Email Marketing

Email may be a daily part of your life, but it hasn’t always been around. Although, it has actually been around longer than the Internet has and even longer than ARPANet. Its evolution was simple and based on the changes in technology. The early uses of email were basically like leaving a note on someone’s desk, except that note was left in a directory so email marketing wasn’t actually an option.

Email Marketing and Your Business

Are you wondering how you can possibly get ahead with the high costs of advertising? Do you dream of letting the world know about your product or service but have no idea how you can afford to do so? Fortunately, the world of marketing has changed and now you can advertise your products and services for practically free.

Guide to Writing Marketing Emails

If you have decided to use marketing emails to help you sale your product or service then you will need an awesome email to send out. There are several ways to write the email so that it will sell the product quickly and easily. The idea is to create a sense of need.

Email Marketing – Common FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions I get on email marketing. Email marketing is becoming more popular every single day simply because it is a great way to reach people quickly and affordably. More than ever email marketing is becoming the preferred method for individuals interested in advertising their products and services.

Getting Started With Opt-In Email Marketing

If you have decided to promote your products and services through opt-in email marketing then you will need to know how to get started. It’s important to understand that by taking the opt-in email address route you are making the best decision for your product or service. Part of the reason is that when you use opt in email addresses the recipients will be knowledgeable of your product’s name when the email arrives.

Email Marketing Benefits

Marketing your services can be easily done through email. However, you must understand what email marketing is all about and how to make it work for you. The most obvious question many marketers have is how they will possibly find the thousands of email addresses they need to effectively market their product. There are several ways to get lists of email addresses. One is to buy them and the other is to build them.

Orthodontic Marketing – Boldest 2009 Predictions For Email Marketing Your Practice

Every January orthodontic marketing pundits try to make predictions of what the industry will bring for the upcoming year in different areas. They range from the career conservative to highly aggressive. Find out more about some of my predictions for 2009.

Email Marketing – One of the Best Marketing Channels For Business

One of the best ways to market your products and services is through email marketing. Direct marketing to consumers has been revolutionized as a result of email marketing and the changes are likely to continue. It’s amazing that by sending a simple email you can create cash on demand and sell your product or service to more people at less cost than ever before. Perhaps the best part about email marketing is that the results are nearly instant and the cost is extremely low.

Writing Effective Email Marketing

There’s writing, there’s selling and then there’s email marketing, which rests somewhere in between. In order for you to earn favorable return-on-investment for your email marketing campaign, you will have to ensure that the content you deliver is of the highest quality. Whether you are writing an email marketing campaign yourself or hiring a marketing specialist to work with you, try and keep these pointers in mind.

What Makes a Legitimate Email Marketing List?

A legitimate, ethical email promotion depends on the company making use of a list of names and addresses that were collected within certain standards. Purchased lists do not meet this criteria nor do lists of names harvested off of websites. Sending unrequested commercial email to those addresses is called “spamming” and will ensure that any internet service provider to whom such activity is reported will ban your company from sending email through their servers.

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