Email Marketing Best Practices in 2021

Email Marketing Best Practices in 2021.

Starting with my 2021 Email Bible:

1. AT THE VERY LEAST 20% of your revenue should come from email.

25%-30% of revenue from email is norm for our clients

Some clients are at 40%+ of their total revenue from email

2. Aim for a healthy revenue split amongst your campaigns and flows (email automation).

3. You MUST leverage list segmentation. The quickest way to end up in the spam folder is by batching and blasting everyone on your list.

I’ll show you the criteria for a 30 day engaged segment. This segment is best for daily or multiple time per week senders.

If you send once a week or even monthly the segment, lengthen 30 days to 60, 90, 120+ days to be more inclusive.

Clean Your list:

In-addition to leveraging segmentation, you must also regularly clean your list (i.e. delete or suppress unengaged contacts).

2 reasons for this:

Account health (increase deliverability)

Cost savings ($100’s to $1,000’s of dollars per month)

Who should be using email:

ALL Ecommerce Brands should leverage email.

We love working with consumables & topicals brands due to high repeat purchase potential.

Mid and high ticket items are also great since a ton of nurturing needs to happen.

My Background:

Partner at Structured Agency, an ecommerce marketing agency that currently helps 150 of the fastest growing Ecommerce brands acquire and convert more customers.

Some brands we work with include Crossnet, Eight Sleep, Poo-Pourri, and so on.

I run our retention division (primarily email + some SMS) where we’ve sent over 1 Billion Emails and driven over $75 million in Email Revenue for our clients over the last few years.

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E-Mail Marketing – Marketing’s Finest Moment Or Its Downfall?

With today’s demand for advertising and marketing, it is simply irresistible for companies not to use the internet as their means of marketing. One of the most preferred online marketing methods by companies is “Email-Marketing”. This form of online marketing is a practical investment for businesses since it is free, reliable, and highly effective. Unlike snail mail that takes a long time to reach its audience, this type of marketing speedily reaches its target viewers without the company even spending a single cent.

E-mail Marketing – The Future of Advertising

Are you planning to expand your business but don’t know how to get the word around? Do you have a great product but people just ain’t giving enough attention? Don’t you have the money to pay for all the advertising you need to get the ball rolling on your business?

Email Marketing – The Basic Methods

Emails and newsletters are still and simply the best and most effective marketing strategy for any online business. Most online business opts to have newsletters and viral emails to increase their sales and boost traffic to their websites. This is one form of marketing that encourage receivers to visit the official website. Regular subscription of these newsletters usually features promos or discounts to those who have subscribed the newsletter.

A Little Email Etiquette

So you are an Email buff, and like many of us, you are very passionate about sending informative emails for either personal or business purposes. If your email social life doesn’t seem to be thriving (or alive for that matter), it is possible you are oblivious to a little factor called: Email Etiquette.

Email Marketing Tips For Greater Sale Responses

The rate when people open your marketing emails is what determines your sales. If you want your readers to buy your products, you must have a higher open rate. Here are three e-mail marketing tips to improve your open rate as well as your conversion rate.

Email Marketing and Making Money

The online market is a vast and expansive medium. With the advent of new marketing strategies, you are now given a chance to open up new doors and areas for promoting your business and product. The basics of Internet marketing or email marketing is a direct form of marketing wherein the seller uses the electronic mail as the medium of communication in selling a product or service.

E-mail Advertising – Infringement of Privacy

Aside from randomly searching in the web, one can also receive information through “Electronic Mail.” Commonly known as “E-mail,” is a communication channel that allowed for the exchange of ideas and information. It is perhaps the most popular most useful tool that the Internet has brought to the people. It is quick and efficient, unlike traditional “snail” mail. After composing the message, click “Send” and in a matter of seconds, the E-mail is delivered to the recipient’s “Inbox,” just waiting to be read.

Creating a Profitable Email Marketing List

I once heard a wise man say “if you have an email list of 10,000 people, you will never need to work another day in your life.” That statement is more than just marketing hype – it is a very real fact for many people. The single most effective way to create sustainable income online is through an email list.

How to Overcome Obstacles to Getting Your Emails Opened and Read – Part 2 – Approve Spam Catchers

If you are using email for marketing, you have one primary goal in mind – getting YOUR marketing message to your contact list, and then getting your audience to pay close attention to what you have to say. However, there are obstacles to getting your emails opened and read. This article will discuss one way to overcome those obstacles.

Steps Involved in an Online Marketing Campaign

If you are a business entrepreneur who wants to enlarge your customer base for products or services, you can use electronic marketing campaigns. Evolution of the internet has changed marketing campaigns. Using an effective online advertising method will certainly boost the sales of your company.

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