Email Marketing: 4 Simple Strategies to Boost Email Response Rates and Your Email Deliverability

In this Email Marketing video, Matt Bockenstette (aka Copy Legends), shares crucial Email Marketing Tips and Tricks to improve your email deliverability.

In this video you’ll learn 4 simple email marketing strategies to boost email response rates and your email deliverability as a whole.

One critical note about your Email Sender Reputation:

Every time we send an email, multiple factors are working for (and against) us – and all of these play a significant role in our overall Email Sender Reputation.

– Open Rates & Click Rates
– Starring & Whitelisting
– Promotions & Primary Tab

The core objective of our email sender reputation is to determine whether our emails are a form of unsolicited spam, or if they’re welcome, personal messages sent between friends.

And what’s one thing we do with most personal emails we receive?

We reply.

Most Welcome Emails that try to inspire responses speak to the sender’s ego, not the reader’s, and it’s a critical mistake (and a significant lost opportunity).

Make sure you watch this video to learn the 4 email marketing strategies to boost email response rates and your email deliverability.

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Email Marketing is the New Buzz

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One of my favorite hors d’oeuvres is a wrap-up… a delectable bit of seafood or spicy beef, or vegetable… all in a cream cheese or other pate that is spread on a tortilla or bread wrap, topped with chopped greens, rolled, and cut into small slices… called a wrap up. Email marketing messages are like wrap ups.

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