Email Agency Case Study

Here’s an email marketing agency case study for a brand we work with called Supernatural.

Supernatural needed more lifecycle marketing programs to allow email to be a more prominent revenue driver.

As with most brands, a really good view into the impact of different channels happens at a time when sales spike the most.

Looking at November 2020 vs. November of 2021, we saw the following increases:

Nov 2020 (39% of attributed revenue from email), Nov 2021 (50% of attributed revenue from email)

Combination of two joint efforts – Increase in number of automated programs active (20+ compared to 11), and increase in cadence of campaigns (~1.5x the velocity of previous year), led to increase of significant revenue attribution to email channel.

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Email Marketing – It Just Can’t Get Any Easier

Email marketing is for those that lack time, money or are just downright to busy to worry with other forms of advertisement. How long does it take to construct a well written e-mail that serves as information as well as an advertisement for a service, products or other events?

Email Mortgage Marketing – The Key to More Loans in Less Time

Email mortgage marketing helps every loan officer marketing for more loans. And with today’s solutions, it’s easier than ever to make the core of your marketing efforts.

Email Marketing – Romance Your Contact List This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a time for the dating agencies, confectioners and card manufacturers to profit – it’s also the perfect time for you to use email marketing to start new business relationships and re-ignite existing ones. If you haven’t already got an email marketing plan for February 14th, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Making an Impact With Online Marketing

Creating an impact, making people take action and ultimately making a profit are the main goals of online marketing. To achieve significant results, it must be unique and right on target. That is the reason why online marketing is not just a mere web promotion activity because leading traffic to your site is not as simple as it may seem.

The Fine Print In Automated Prospecting

In this technologically advanced era, there are a few systems that assist in finding sales for the average sales person. And in Internet marketing, one of the best systems in use today is an automated prospecting system. In the World Wide Web, one can only be contacted or reached is via two ways, the URL address or through one’s registered Internet email address. When one log’s online, these two addresses are indicated and these are what are used to key in on locations and access of the user.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

When your in box is flooded with advertising and you continue to hit delete, you may think that email marketing is not effective. However, business trends and recent studies indicate that email marketing can be very effective, but only if done correctly.

The Promotional Email Subject Line Must Create Curiosity

Promotional email copy is an important introduction to the sale of a product or service. But, even more critical is the subject line that must entice the reader to actually open the email. Learn a few simple guidelines for creating subject lines that generate results.

Is Selling by Email Dying Out?

If you were to get a group of internet marketers together in one room, they would probably all tell you that their email list was the most important thing in the world to them. Or at least it would be the most important part of their business.

Business Email Lists – A Cost Effective Way to Generate Prospective Sales Leads

Business Email Lists offer you a convenient and cost-effective option to generate prospective sales leads. Business Email Lists are compiled after rigorous research processes from various information sources. The larger the size of the mailing list, the larger the number of possible prospects for your products or services.

How to Get People to Open Your Email

The first place I look at when I check my email is the From line to see who it’s from. If its from someone I know then I open it up immediately. Unless its from someone I know but don’t want to deal with and then I let it wait. I’m not looking to get rich quick, buy prescription drugs, or to be pressured into buying something I do not need or want.

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