Ecommerce: The Black Friday Summit is NOW LIVE (MUST ATTEND FOR SHOPIFY STORES)

Insanely excited to share that the Ecommerce, Black Friday Summit is now live!

I am so excited to announce that the The Black Friday Summit (100% virtual, 100% LIVE and 100% FREE event) started this morning!

If you’re in Ecommerce (especially if you’re a Shopify store, Marketing agency, or Freelancer), you MUST ATTEND THIS.

I mean it’s free so why wouldn’t you?

During the summit, you’ll be able to hear from me and 50+ leading experts as we share our Black Friday/Cyber Monday secrets…

All the details for the event and how to get your free ticket can be found here.

From copywriting to email marketing to paid ads and general BFCM strategy, you can attend all 50 talks for FREE!

I am SO excited for this, and can’t wait to see you there!


Register for free here:

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Email Branding – How to Brand Your Emails For Higher Open Rates and Click Throughs

Email branding can make or break your email marketing campaign. If you have determined that you are clueless about how to use the proper Email Branding, there some simple things that you can use, to create Email branding in way that will inspire trust, and loyalty in your customers.

Direct Email Marketing Lists – How to Get Started Building Your Hyper Profitable Email List!

You might not realize that there is a way to build free, and profitable Direct Marketing Email Lists. Getting lists in this way, will almost completely insure your email marketing success…

Targeted Email Advertising – 3 Tips For Persuading Your Subscribers to Buy Your Products in a Flash!

Targeted email is one of the best ways to keep in contact with existing customers and encourage repeat business. Unlike many forms of customer communication, the targeted email has many advantages…

Opt-In Email Advertising – How to Make Money Every Time You Send an Email to a List!

If you want to be successful in email marketing with a purchased list, you are probably looking for solutions to guarantee your success. But, if you truly want to make your Opt In Email Advertising campaign successful, there are some things that you want to take into account…

Online Email Advertising – How to Make Email Marketing a Potent Weapon For Your Business

Email marketing can seem to some, like an antiquated marketing method, but it is not. Many merchants are experiencing wonderful results from their email promotional efforts…

Direct Marketing to Customers With E-mail

Direct marketing is a way to market directly to customers without using advertising or other types of general promotion that is meant to attract larger groups of people. Instead, the marketing message is sent directly to the potential customers individually. Direct marketing mail is the fliers, postcards and other mail often termed junk mail. Online, junk e-mail, also called spam, is illegal unless the customer signed up to receive the e-mail marketing messages.

Email Marketing – 7 Steps to Email Marketing Success For Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

Email marketing is a key communications tool in the marketing mix for small and medium sized enterprises. If you get it right, it is cost effective, targeted, personalised, measurable and good for attracting and retaining customers. Your emails should be helping to build a trusted relationship, establishing your expertise and ultimately increasing repeat and new sales. The most successful emails combine valued content with short sales and marketing messages that have links to specific ‘landing’ pages on your website for more information. Regular contact with customers will ensure that they learn about your offering ready for future purchases.

Great Email Marketing Creates an Experience

Like the moment you walked into the art gallery and saw a full exhibition of Van Gogh, or Rembrandt, or…whoever your favorite artist is, great email marketing will create a memorable experience with multiple pieces. Think of your email campaign as a series of paintings…all created by the same great artist.

Twitter – A Playground For Email Marketers

A recent post from the official Twitter Blog tells of how much the number of tweets has grown in the past years, minus spam. From 5,000 tweets daily in 2007, to a sudden leap to 300,000 the following year, and a huge 2.5 million messages in 2009.

Re-Thinking Your Email Marketing Tactics

Is your email marketing campaign going stale? As an email marketer, you are attuned to the signs, and this time you can almost feel it.

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