Ecommerce Email Marketing Industry Performance Benchmarks

In this video I run through Ecommerce Email Marketing Industry Performance Benchmarks from Klaviyo.

The email performance benchmarks cover 13 different industries.

Here’s a link to the 5 screenshots:

Self Promotions

The big high street names charge more than you, so why will customers pay a premium for an identical product? Some suggest a certain concern for email marketing so if you generate the same level of trust you will be overwhelmed with orders.

Remove Bad Emails to Avoid Temporary Blocking

Sometimes good email marketers who practice regular email list hygiene are not able to deliver emails to a specific ISP because of a temporary email block at the ISP. In this situation the emails usually bounce with the “too many invalid email addresses” error.

Starting an E-Mail Marketing Campaign? Don’t Make These Mistakes

As everything is the world, e-mail marketing is constantly developing. New email practices are being adapted; old ones are going out of date. Email practices that were widely and successfully applied yesterday may not work, and even may hurt your email campaign, today.

3 Weird Email Marketing Tactics for Better Open Rate

Today I’d like to share with you 3 weird email marketing concepts which oppose common practices but may work for you: 1. HTML email is preferable -> send plain text emails The fact that the HTML email outperforms plain text messages in email marketing is undeniable. In today’s world where nearly all commercial email is in HTML format, why not try use plain text messages as an alternative?

Beware of Spam

Beware of the unwanted electronic mails you find in your inbox. They may be Spam. In the spamming process a large number of e-mail addresses are targeted and sent a junk e-mail.

E-Mail Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

E-mail marketing is an essential an cost-effective tool for small businesses. These tips will help you gain more brand recognition, grow your customer base and maintain relationships with existing customers.

Constant Contact – Have to Know Details

Online marketing around the past few years has turned out be a vast field exactly where you will find quite a few methods to reach out to your possible consumers. Even now, nonetheless, e-mail marketing remains the technique which is most commonly employed, simply because it has proven itself around the years. One method to boost the outcomes you get from your e mail marketing campaigns would be to make positive you are making use of the best obtainable tools.

Finding An Email Marketing Solution Is A Must For Your Online Business!

If you attempt to engage in email marketing without an autoresponder, you will have no way to defend yourself from false spam complaints. The Perfect email marketing solution is an autoresponder.

How You Are Able to Get More Out of E-Mail Marketing by Utilizing Constant Contact

There are lots of internet marketing strategies accessible to get the word out about your product, but e mail marketing is some thing that no internet business need to be with out. If you need to generate expert e mail marketing campaigns that give outcomes and are searching for one thing that takes away your headache, then you definitely have to check out Constant Contact. The service this business provides for e mail list management is distinct from that which you might be utilized to, or that which you may possibly expect.

A Fundamental Review of Constant Contact

One of the key reasons why e mail marketing does not work for several is simply because they do not focus on making it work; it is as easy as that. Oftentimes our outcomes are significantly affected by what we use to get those final results – the tools, details, along with other essential resources at hand. If you’re new or inexperienced and possibly suffering from info overload, selecting the best tools to make use of for anything in online marketing may be a challenge.

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