Ecommerce Email Marketing Course Review

Jason Wong who is the Founder of Doe Lashes and Wonghaus Ventures shares his review of my ecommerce email marketing course.

Jason is a great guy and absolute legend in the Ecommerce/DTC world so his glowing review on my course means the world to me.

You can check out my ecommerce email marketing course here:

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Why You Need To Use A Professional Email Marketing Tool For Your Business

Contrary to what you may think, email marketing remains an effective and COST effective method of staying in touch with people who want to hear from you. But you’ve got to do it right and choosing the right tools at the beginning will help automate many routine tasks while keeping you out of trouble with the SPAM police.

Information For Newbies – Online Businesses

For a Newbie having made the decision to start an Online Business, it is very daunting to say the least, but due to the many well performed Internet Marketers giving their members good advice for free, the task can be somewhat easier. The following are a few thoughts on how to generally gain Knowledge, especially in regards to purchasing Co-Registration Leads.

Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

One of the best ways to make money online is by creating a squeeze page, capturing your visitors name and email address, and then marketing a specific product or service to those opt-ins. Easier said then done for sure but once you have this system set up correctly, it can produce sales for you for quite some time.

Basic Structure For Email Marketing

The most successful email campaign follow are clear and concise. They ask for the sale and don’t try to hide anything from the reader. These five essential elements, will improve your e-mail marketing results.

Essential Elements of Email Content

The most successful email campaigns contain content that is straight forward and simple. These five steps will help you improve your take rate.

The Importance of Permission-Based Email Marketing

According to a Merkle report, permission-based email comprises about one-quarter of the time a person spends with email, second only to emails that are personal communication with family and friends. The converse of that, however, is that 75 percent of those in the study said they choose to opt-out of permission email because emails lack relevance; 73 percent said they opted out because emails were sent too frequently, according to the report. So where is the fine line drawn?

3 Ways to Build and Nurture Your Email List For Marketing

Are you curious about how people make money online using their email list for marketing. Here are 3 important points to follow if you want to make money with your email list.

Are You a Hunter Or a Farmer?

You want your customers, potential customers, distributors, professional contacts, staff, distributors, the media, and other third parties who might be advocates for you to know as much about your products and services and your business as they possibly can. And you want them to keep you fresh in their minds. Email newsletters are useful for getting all these audiences excited about you or, at least interested in you.

Small Business Email Marketing – How to Improve Your Marketing ROI

Small Business Email Marketing is a low cost and highly effective way of generating new customers and repeat business from your existing customers. Read on to discover how your business can benefit from this easy to implement technique…

Email Marketing Tips – 3 Tips For Boosting Your Sales and Profits Through Email Marketing

To increase the sale of your products and services you must use a good email marketing strategy. Herein, we have listed some of the better email marketing strategies that you can use for your internet marketing plan.

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