Ecommerce Email Marketing Case Study

Working on some ecommerce email marketing case study videos and of course had to feature my favorite team, CROSSNET.

We took them from 5 to 6 figures per month in email revenue.

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Why Newsletters Are Better Than Blogs – Why a Nifty Newsletter Might Beat Out a Blah Blog

I’m often asked, Should I do a newsletter or a blog? It’s a good question, and of course, the answer is, Both. But most of our clients are very busy, and prefer to choose just one. Sometimes, they are not even completely clear on the difference between a blog and a newsletter. Let’s do a comparison.

How to Avoid Spam Filters

For marketers who send emails on a regular basis, spam filters are the scourge of many a campaign. Not only do an average 10 to 20% of emails sent become victims of spam blocker software, but even permission-based emails can get filtered out of in-boxes as spam. Understanding how spam filters work seems to be the only way to take on the software and get your message to your intended audience.

How to Use Your Opt-in List

Money is in the list. Everybody knows this. But have you ever thought which is the best way to use this list? People think that the more subscribers you have the more sales you’ll make. Well, this is wrong!

Email Marketing Strategies – Look No Further

The biggest kept secret in internet marketing is how to reach as many contacts as possible in as little time as possible and for as little money as possible. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well with effective email marketing strategies, it is really quite easy!

Affordable Email Marketing – Tight Budgets Require Creative Answers

Email marketing is no different than any other type of marketing. You really need a plan before you begin. Gather all of your facts, know what direction you want to take, and go from there. With careful planning, you can easily create an affordable plan.

Email Marketing Systems – The Top 5 Features the Experts Recommend

There are hundreds if not thousands of email marketing systems to choose from. However, just as with anything in life it pays to shop around. The cheapest systems don’t have all the features you need for effective, long-term marketing. Below are the most important things to look for in email marketing systems.

Email Marketing – Should I Outsource Or Bring it In-house? – 4 Simple Issues to Consider

Introducing an email marketing strategy into an organisation inevitably produces the question about whether to use an in-house delivery mechanism or to outsource it instead. Like any application where this topic arises it can provoke some strong opinions and while the option to deploy email marketing internally may appear attractive it can potentially suffer from a number of drawbacks. So here are four reasons to consider before plumping for an in-house email marketing service.

Email Marketing Tip – The Subject Line

Does the subject line of your email matter to those who will receive it? On any given day, you probably have a wealth of emails come to your own inbox. Many of them are spam and they may even head right for the spam folder. Those that have survived that step still need to give you enough of a tease to open them.

Less Than 50 Left

When you check your email do you often find a subject line that reads “Less than 50 left” or “Doors will close at midnight tonight”? I get them all the time. Some person trying to talk me into buying something or signing up for another thing. Maybe it is some kind of telesiminar or other phone thing. Why do they do that? All it does for…

Create a Marketing Email List That Creates Success

Let’s say you have created the most incredible service in the world that everyone needs and everyone wants. In fact, everyone is also ready to pay top-dollar for it and no one else can provide it. You have created the perfect service!

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