Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency Case Study

Working on some ecommerce email marketing agency case study videos, and of course had to feature one of my favorite teams, Hydrant.

We took them from 5 to 6 figures per month in email revenue.

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Email Copy Made Easy – Should I Use Text Or HTML in My Follow Up Emails?

Right now, there’s a battle being raged on email marketing forums all over the world. And that battle all comes down to three words: Text or HTML? Well, text used to be the choice of email marketers.

Using Email Marketing to Build Your Business

Have you been thinking of ways to improve your marketing for your business? Articles, blog, ezines, etc. What about email, yes email marketing. Think about it, if you have someones email address you could contact them directly.

Email Copy Made Easy – How Wide Should Your Emails Be?

Sounds like a silly question, but it’s actually very critical to your internet marketing efforts. Because let’s face it–you get a ton of emails every day. And some are only a few words wide while others are so wide you have to scroll across to read them. Is there a width that works best for marketing purposes?

Email Copy Made Easy – How Many Messages Should I Put in an Autoresponder Series?

In this third installment of the “7 Biggest FAQS About Writing Autoresponders and Emails” article series, we’ll uncover the secrets to a follow up series that pulls your prospects back to your sales message again and again. I’ll show you exactly how many emails you should have in your autoresponder follow up to maximize response and get your prospects clicking those Buy buttons. Plus, I’ll let you in on a top secret technique to “bookend” your series that sends a flood of prospects back to your sales page.

Email Copy Made Easy – How Long Should Your Emails Be?

As a top level email and autoresponder copywriter, one of the biggest questions I receive is “How long should my follow up emails be? It’s like this: As well-known online copywriter Michel Fortin once said to me, “”Your emails should be as long as they need to be and not one word longer.”

How Are You Using Email Marketing to Engage With Your Target Customers?

Engagement encourages your readers to interact with you and make the conversation a “two-way street”. Email marketing will grow your business when you focus first on the value you can deliver to your readers and provide them the options of engaging with you. So how can you combine both email marketing and engagement to increase the success of your efforts?

Get Your Ads and Emails Noticed

Advertising plays a significant role in any website marketing campaign. If you use message boards, classified ad or e-mails as part of your advertising strategy, there are ways to make your ads more noticeable, and that is through your subject line. The subject line of your ad or e-mail can cause people to open it, or to simply skip by or erase your message.

5 Ways to Sabotage Your Email Marketing Campaign

As you are building a list for your online business you’ll want to initiate an email marketing campaign designed to acquaint and familiarize yourself with your email list members. As new members subscribe to your list you should have a follow up email sent out immediately to thank and welcome them.

Using Marketing Bulk Email to Gain Business Exposure

A large amount of businesses use marketing bulk email to create a database of customers who wish to purchase their products or services. This then helps these businesses gain exposure to millions of people if the marketing campaign is done correctly.

Mailing List Subject Lines – The Essential Guide on How Not to Get Banned

Using a mailing list is an efficient method to get and to keep in touch with prospective consumers. It has become so popular that an increasing number of people are finding their email in-boxes flooded with emails, both valid and junk. As a result most people have become much more suspicious of emails than in the past.

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