Digital Marketing Agency Owners: The Wrong Clients Aren’t Worth It

Digital Marketing Agency Owners:

Get yourself to a point where you can respectfully reject a client because they’re going to be hard to deal with.

The wrong clients aren’t worth it.

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Email Marketing Cage Match – Full Emails Vs Teasers

A while back a friend of mine asked me a great question about email marketing. Basically he asked why I send full emails to my list each day, instead of a short “teaser” email that drives people to a longer, more detailed blog post or web page? Which is a VERY good question. And besides Earl Nightingale’s advice of doing the opposite of everyone else… here are more reasons.

Email Marketing Campaign Set-Up

Email marketing works for any business, even an offline business like a hairdressing salon – as long as it’s done correctly! In a nutshell, email marketing is a time based, proven ‘tool’ for ultimately generating profits. This is achieved through building a positive relationship with your customers over time. Email marketing is an online extension of traditional marketing, whereby you acquire ‘prospects’ by capturing their contact information and then sending them promotional material via email. The success of your email promotions rely solely on the response from your opt-in lists.

Email Marketing Tips – 3 Important Tips That Make the Difference Between Pennies & 6-Figures

What is the secret to pulling down a 6-figure yearly income from email marketing? Well, the secret is that there is no secret! It’s all a matter of following certain ‘rules’ consistently and taking consistent actions to grow your list…

Email Marketing Secrets – What is the Optimum Mailing Schedule For Generating Predictable Profits?

It is a common belief among many marketers that the more you mail out to your list, the more sales and the more money you will make. Is this true? Well, the answer is ‘it depends’…

Email Marketing Tips – 4 Ways to Building a List Quickly

With the tons of information available about internet marketing, it is easy to get confused or stick to ways that don’t give you the maximum conversion. In internet marketing, conversion rate refers to the number of people who buy your product, over the total number of people who visited your website. Having immense traffic at your website but very few buyers does not help you much.

Email Marketing Tips – Become a Successful Email Marketer

Using the internet as a marketing tool is a great idea that can however be challenging. You need to have great ideas to be a successful marketer.

Don’t Let This Be Good-Bye – Graceful Ways to Address Email Opt-Outs

When faced with an opt-out to your email marketing efforts, do you let your subscriber simply walk away? If you look at opt-outs as an opportunity to engage and communicate with customers, you’ll see that they also represent a chance to gain some insight and to build greater value.

Email Marketing Tips – 5 Steps on How to Get Started

The world today is shifting from the traditional way of marketing ideas, projects and products to using the internet and its technologies. Email is the leading internet technology being used by sales executive and management in marketing.

Email Marketing Secrets and Tips

This article will show you how to make money on the Internet through email marketing. Email marketing is becoming a fast growing method to making money on the web.

Email Marketing Tips For Cost-Effective & Successful Campaigns

Email Marketing is not a new marketing discipline but it is possibly one of the more underestimated and under-utilised channel of internet marketing. Especially in today’s communications climate where social media appears to be the new wave, with networks such as Facebook reaching over 200 million users and Twitter the micro-blogging site with users even tweeting from their mobile phones, is email marketing dead? Hardly. Email is still amongst the top daily online activity by consumers, which makes getting the email message right, accompanied with relevant and targeted offers to consumers a key priority of internet businesses.

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