Designing for Email With Expert Visual Designer, Rob Knapp

Designing for Email: How to boost your click-through rate with design.

Rob Knapp, who is an expert visual designer, shares his best tips for boosting click-through through design.

In this interview we cover:

– Questions to address upfront
– How to approach email copy
– Email design guidelines
– Anatomy of a simple email
– Top 5 email engagement tactics


More about Rob:

Hello. I’m a freelance Creative Director and Marketing Strategist living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

I have over two decades of professional creative experience in print and digital. Clients hire me to create campaigns, email templates, marketing assets, branding, websites, landing pages, print collateral, and more.

My style is bold, clean, and classic.

What’s my process?

My creative process is refreshingly uncomplicated. I believe the solution to any problem is present in the problem itself. So, I take care to fully grasp creative challenges without making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

I ask questions and do my homework. I spend equal time analyzing the problem, uncovering solutions, and executing the design. My overall process is linear but I work in iterations toward the end.

1. Discovery

I fully invest in understanding your brand, business goals, objectives, audience, competitive landscape, and expectations.

At the beginning of your project, I’m a bit methodical with detailed lists and visual references. This research is vital for brainstorming and generating ideas.

2. Concepts

Once I’m certain that I understand your needs, I sprinkle in creativity, intuition, and imagination.

My goal is to present original strategies without leaning on shortcuts, personal biases, or old habits. Tangible ideas should support every developing creative decision.

3. Execution

I’m not going to say that execution is easy. However, the production process is a whole lot easier when decisions have meaning behind them.

While creating, I consistently revisit the discovery and concept documents to ensure that we’re always moving in the right strategic direction.

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E-mail Marketing – A Friend Or a Foe?

E-mail Marketing is one of the most extremely efficient ways of marketing in the Internet today that is abused by many companies because it is a kind of marketing that uses E-mail as a method to connect a vast of clients in a second. The main reason why it stays on top is because it is free. Investors would not choose to waste their money on some expensive and inefficient marketing tools. The companies could certainly save a large amount of money if they will embrace E-mail Marketing. Adverting someone’s products and services through emails popularizes companies’ products and services among the customers.

Features You Should Have With Your Email Marketing Campaign

No online business is successful if you do not have the right communication with your customers and your prospects. To maintain that certain degree of communication, you can send out email newsletters. These can also be called as email marketing. You need to send out the right emails to your growing customers. But, how do you find the right email marketing software to help you with your online business?

How E-mail Marketing Works

E-mail Marketing, as the name itself suggests, is marketing through the use of emails. To put it simply, it’s a kind of advertisement that makes use of the Internet, specifically email. There are different types of email which you can send to potential consumers, and these are divided in three general categories: Direct Mail, Retention email/ newsletters, & advertisements linked to other peoples Newsletter.

Email Marketing Meets Guerrilla Marketing

Hi Everyone An interesting comparison hit my desk today. I was re-reading Guerrilla Marketing “Secrets For Making Big Profits From Your Small Business” – by Jay Conrad Levinson, Copyrited 1984 and saw a very familiar theme which is true today. Back then Email marketing did not exist.

Low-Cost Email Marketing to Suit Your Business

Low-cost email marketing packages are all out in the market. But finding one without risking the benefits of the product can be hard to find. It is affordable to buy the cheap ones. But one must be careful that you don’t miss the great benefits that come with it.

How to Avoid Spam Emails

“Spam again…” chances are that you have come across this phrase in your mind when checking your email. There are many internet users who sign up to various websites merely to access certain data from the site. Along with these subscriptions are users who obliviously have follow up subscriptions to email updates and from the website.

Effective E-Mail Marketing Tips

Small businesses might be discouraged on e-mail marketing. Tendency is that they do not have enough employees to work on it and they do not have enough time and resources to assertively market their business.

How to Overcome Obstacles in Getting Your Emails Opened and Read – Part 3 – Send Chasers

It is typical in today’s economy to use email for marketing. With email marketing, there is one focus – to get YOUR marketing message to your subscribers or recipients, and then getting your people to open your email and to pay close attention to what you have to say. I recently wrote an article about the top 3 obstacles to getting your emails opened and read, and what to do about it.

Now Where is the Unsubscribe Link?

To cut ties with an email marketing agent, all the subscriber has to do is to choose to stop the email communication between them by clicking the “unsubscribe” link, follow a few easy steps, and then voila, you’re out from the list! However, that doesn’t happen all the time in reality. Some wise businessmen make the opting out process a tiring and lengthy one, causing the subscriber to leave the subscription as it is due to frustration.

Email Marketing Lesson #1 – Identify Target

The new fad in advertising nowadays is email marketing. This technique allows companies to get in touch with people wherever they are located, in a stress-free manner, better than the conventional marketing styles. However, it is of the greatest importance to be able to relay the right message to the right target audience.

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