Designing an email with rows and columns

While you are creating a email, you may find it useful to separate the information within your message with rows and columns. Inserting rows and columns is a great way to achieve a desired look and layout that you may be trying for with your email.

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How To Build An Email List With Simple Tools

So now that you understand why you should build an email list, the next logical question is how to build it. So this article will break down the answer to that question. Here are the three things you need to build an effective email list

Is Email Marketing Dead for Ever?

There are strong debates around this often overlooked topic. In fact, the death of email is a subject that will always be on marketer’s leaps, as is direct marketing. Individuals and businesses alike are still using it nowadays, and we see no reason why they should stop doing it.

Proven Steps To More Effective Email Marketing

If you’re not seeing the results you want with email marketing, then it may be necessary to start from the beginning and analyze your approach. This article will delve into a few list marketing areas that you may need to address after reading.

Catchy Email Subject Line

Subject lines are important as one sees them even before the mail is opened! It certainly draws the attention of the reader. Emails with poor subject lines are rarely opened as one is always short of time to go through all the mails, one by one. It is really an art to get a stranger completely drawn to your main content by an irresistible subject line.

International Expansion: Going Global Online

In just a couple of years we’ll be celebrating 20th Anniversary of the first Internet sale. Since 1994 more than 90% of businesses claimed their spot in the celestial space called e-commerce. While International Expansion became an available option for enormously large corporations likewise mom-and-pop shops it also presented a big range of obstacles and missteps. Savvy ventures with lateral thinking made millions right in front of our eyes but even bigger number of online enterprises disappeared from the face of the Internet faster, than my teenagers can spend their Christmas money. So what is a survival plan?

How to Build Relationships With Your Prospects Through Your Email Marketing Campaign

Aright, here’s the thing. Business owners are looking for ways to boost their sales and online revenue. But the problem is that they’re not building relationships with their prospects…

Is Email Marketing Dead? No!

Some people think email marketing is dead and no longer profitable. The reality is, it’s still extremely profitable and necessary for both online and offline businesses. The money was “in the list” years ago, and it absolutely still is.

How to Write an Email a Day – 4 Effective Steps to Get the Job Done

I think it’s safe to say that content based marketing solutions are single handedly the best way to promote your online business. It is so easy to distribute information nowadays using article directories, blogging, e-mail marketing, hub pages, etc. Furthermore, you can take the information you publish online and use it over and over again.

Using Email to Turn Prospects Into Customers

Let’s face it, turning an anonymous visitor on your web site into a paying customer is not easy. Regardless of whether a visitor comes to you from search, another web site, advertising or your social efforts, getting them to take the plunge is difficult. Rather than drive a visitor exclusively to taking the ultimate plunge (making a purchase), make sure you give the visitor the opportunity and incentive to go an alternative direction if they are not yet committed.

How To Make The Most Out Of Email Marketing During Christmas

Email marketing is an effective way to get the word out about your products during Christmas. If you have promotions or specials going on within your business, you need to let your customers know. Sending out an email during the holidays can drum up business from people looking for special gifts for their family and friends.

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