Creative for Facebook and Instagram Ads | Nick Shackelford Breaks Down What Makes for Great Creative

In this video, Nick Shackelford breaks down his best advice for what makes for great creative for Facebook and Instagram Ads.

We cover 3 main topics:

1. Is creative subjective or objective? What makes great creative for Facebook and Instagram ads, great?

2. The longevity of content. How long is a content piece good for? In other words, how quickly does creative go stale, and how often should you be creating new creative?

3. His best advice for running Facebook and Instagram ads in Q4 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as the holidays.

Nick runs a paid social agency called Structured Agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram in-particular.

He’s spent over $100M on Facebook and Instagram Ads over the past 7-8 years.

In-addition, he runs a business called Konstant Kreative, where they’ve helped make and edit thousands of ads.

He brings that insight to this conversation, so don’t miss this!

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