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The Truth About Email Marketing

We might have the same feeling every time we receive this promo emails from unknown people. Email address that we do not know of. We might consider these mails as spam or a joke.

Email Marketing – A How-To Guide For Small Businesses

Don’t think you’ve got the time, the budget or the know-how to put together a successful email campaign? As one of the fastest and most affordable marketing channels, e-marketing is ideal for small to medium sized businesses, as many will testify. But, there are still thousands of companies out there who are missing out on this opportunity because they’re not sure how to get started.

Less is More in Email Marketing

Before the rise of other strategies that we are using in Internet Marketing today, there was Email Marketing that we have relied on. Still, many years have passed, many changes may have been done but still email marketing is one of the many strategies that we are using.

Advertise Easily Through Email Marketing

If there is one way to reach more people without spending much, there is no other way to do it but only through Email Marketing. It is a good way to let people know more about our business, our products and services without spending a fortune to convey the message to as many people we want, sending bulk emails will do the job.

Email Marketing Strategies to Bring You More Sign-Ups and Sales!

You have to understand that people will join you effortlessly when their needs match your offer and you don’t need to convince them that you have the best offer on the planet. It’s important that you show them that you care and you have their best interests at heart. Here are some strategies that you can implement in your email marketing campaigns:

How Stupid Do You Think I Am?

Shouldn’t that be the question you ask these folks who bombard you with email after email EVERY day of the week? I just got through sifting (no, PAINFULLY sifting) through this morning’s emails in several accounts.

My New Website – Getting Traffic and Indexing Within 24 Hours

Let’s face it, most new websites do one thing and one thing only, and they do it very well: absolutely nothing! There are currently millions of websites just sitting around on servers, bored to death, not helping anybody, and not making any money. But did you know it’s possible to get traffic to a website within the first 24 hours, and get it indexed by Google that fast as well?

Email Marketing – Why You Want to Learn About It

Small business owners all have one thing in common and that is that they are always looking for new customers. They attract new customers and retain their current customers in a variety of ways. One of those ways that has become very popular is through email marketing. There are a few different reasons why a company should consider utilizing email marketing to attract and hold onto their existing customers.

How to Make Money With Your Opt in Email List!

Well first of all you need to build up a list of subscribers for your site. You should be providing them with regular newsletters with good content and audio versions of the newsletter so they can download and transfer it into their mp3.

Monetizing Your Email List

When your list size grows to an amount of hundreds or even thousands, then you have to think about how to truly maximize the potential of your list. I always like to start with one strategy. It is a common strategy out there which thousands of people are using but the question is, are they implementing it correctly?

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