Creating an effective welcome email

Sometimes your subscribers need a little bit of tough love in their emails 🙂 Check out some awesome ideas and tips for creating a welcome email, or even updating your current one.

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How Do You Feel About Email Marketing?

Email marketing has become the most reliable method of advertising and marketing. It is among the leading edge marketing strategies offered online. It has improved on the world wide web and is starting to become intensely influenced by the overall state of online marketing.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes Made By Marketing Newbies

The most common email marketing mistakes made by marketing newbies is that they don’t super-seed any of their email marketing efforts with a free giveaway. If you are capturing the contact information from ‘raving fans’, then you must be taking advantage of the redirect URL that is a feature of many email auto-responder programs. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry. Many internet market gurus are claiming that email marketing is dead, yet ironically, these very same marketers are the same people who send out at least 3-5 messages delivered via email each-and-every week. Not only is this humorous, but this very little nuance reinforces just how powerful email marketing really is – I don’t believe that it will ever be dead, so go grow your list!

Is Free Email Marketing Software Right For You?

For many marketers who are just starting out online, the desire to save money can often be the primary motivation behind their systems decisions. This is often what leads people to sign up for free email marketing software that has no ongoing monthly costs. Although this may sound attractive at first, there are some things that need to be understood about using this type of arrangement.

AWeber the Autoresponder – Features and Advantages

As a web marketer, you should be aware of the fact that about 70% of visitors to your site do not make online purchasing decisions instantly. You need to follow up with your prospective buyers for a fairly long time through a series of emails, ezines, videos, podcasts, etc. before you can expect to consummate a sale. You can imagine very well that when the number of your prospective buyers cross over 5000, it becomes extremely difficult to respond your prospects on an individual basis. Here comes AWeber, the savior autoresponder.

Email Marketing With Motion and Emotion

Video brings motion and emotion to your customer email marketing. It can change the way a customer interacts with you and how they feel. When you do video marketing right, customers can’t help but notice you!

Email Marketing – Do’s and Don’ts

1. Ask for Permission: Email is the most influential and yet the most risky means of communications. Without permission you not just risk losing customer goodwill, you could also end up being blacklisted by ISPs that decline every mail coming from your domain if spamming objections have been made against you.

How To Easily Put Together A Newsletter To Send To Your Email List

A lot of people will say “I don’t just know what to write in some kind of a newsletter.” I would tell you that if you find it hard to write a newsletter, stop thinking about writing a newsletter. How about just writing a letter to a friend with news in it? That sounds a lot easier doesn’t it? We can all write letters to friends.

Why Use Email Marketing to Drive Online Sales?

Using email marketing can be a fantastic way of increasing traffic and therefore sales for your website or business. We take a look at how you can use email marketing to achieve extra traffic and therefore push your sales into a whole new dimension.

Email Marketing Tools For Maximum Impact

Choosing the right email marketing tools is just as critical to the long term success of your business as your choice of web hosting and internet service provider. Ideally the tools that you choose to utilize should not only help you connect with your prospects and customers more effectively, but they should also help to maximize the efficiency and impact of those interactions. Ultimately, having the right set of tools at your disposal can lead your business to greater levels of productivity, while increasing the overall profitability at the same time.

How To Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Online Network Marketing Business

Writing effective e-mail marketing campaigns for your online network marketing business is really not that hard. The most important thing to remember in e-mail marketing is that the more content you write the better your prospects will trust you. Read on to learn how.

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