Creating a custom landing page URL in AWeber

AWeber’s Landing Page Builder allows you to set a landing page as a home page, and customize any landing page URL with your own custom designation. This helps make your URLs super friendly and easy to share.

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Generating Traffic Through Email Marketing

Done right email marketing to your list will bring in the money. You can generate extra traffic this way.

Basics on Email Marketing

Few years ago, electronic mail or commonly known as e-mail is just a mean used by people to exchange ideas. The technology today grows larger and updated as well as the means on how to market the products.

Email Marketing – How to Get Your List to Open Your Emails?

Within the last five years, email marketing has become both a very effective and competitive market. It’s an online method that has evolved dramatically into something that’s more of an art rather than a marketing technique.

Email Marketing – 2 Reasons You Need It

Email marketing allows you to contact your customers and potential customers via email. This is important if you truly want to build a successful online business. So why is it so important?

The Entire Scenario of Online Money-Making

Business opportunities on the internet are a reality of the current times. The main purpose of this article is to provide a gist about such internet jobs.

What is Email Marketing All About?

E-mail marketing, much like e-commerce, is becoming popular because of its speed and convenience. Many businesses opt to advertise online because it proves to be a faster way to attract more customers.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Promoting your products or services by email can be a very cost-effective and powerful form of direct marketing. However, you should plan your email marketing with care because if you don’t set up your campaign properly, then not only will your newsletter never get seen but it could also damage your reputation. So if you want to avoid the common pitfalls that many businesses make, read on to learn the 7 deadly sins of email marketing.

Is Share-With-Your-Network Killing Forward-To-A-Friend?

Share-with-your-network (SWYN) is a relatively new phenomenon in the email marketing space. SWYN includes social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg etc. Some email pundits believe that SWYN is slowly but surely putting an end to forward-to-a-friend (FTAF) functionality in email.

Email Marketing and Mother’s Day

The next big day in the sales calendar is Mother’s Day. It’s a day when we rejoice and bless who and what this wonderful person has been.

Increase Click Through Rates by Using a “PS” in Your Email Marketing

When writing an email for your email marketing campaign, there’s one method of increasing your click through rate (CTR) which people often underestimate, The P.S. section. Adding just a few final sentences at the end of your email message can increase response rates by up to a third (or sometimes even more!). But how?

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