Create subscriber segments using tags

Tags can be applied when a subscriber signs up to a particular form, buys a product from you, hits a certain point in your automated campaign, or even manually added. From there, you can segment your list based on those tags. The ability to organize then send out to your subcribers opens up unlimited possibilities!

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Email Marketing: An Effective And Inexpensive Way To Attract Customers

For the whopping price of zero dollars a company can place their sales pitch into the in-box of hundreds of millions of people. Make money via email marketing starting today!

Three Things You Must Do to Keep Your Email Marketing Profitable

Are you looking to generate profits from your existing email database? Are you already trying to market to your existing email list but failing to generate any revenue at all? The following three tips will help you turn your situation around and you will be able to implement them starting today.

Email Marketing Strategies That Will Improve Results

The best way to maximize the monetary results is by using these email marketing strategies. An email marketing campaign will yield good results for your company, but using effective strategies will make marketing via email even more worthwhile.

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Business

Email marketing is probably one of the easiest and most beneficial tools to promote your business. Learn how to expand your business and make more money with email marketing.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Email Newsletter Marketing

When done right, email newsletter marketing is one of the most powerful tools an internet marketer can use. I’m going to quickly go over what it takes to become successful at harnessing email newsletter marketing.

Why Email Marketing Is So Popular – Easily Make Money Online

It is simple to see why email marketing is so popular. There are many incredible benefits. Find out how to use email marketing to make money online!

Cashing In With Your Mailing List – Part 2

The core of building an online business is having prospects subscribe to your list. Your subscribers have made a small commitment to your business, but have not made a commitment to spend money with you. This is important because your prospect show that they are willing to do business with you and to spend money on the internet.

Email Marketing Strategies – Create a Stream of Residual Income Via Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most strategic marketing practices and industries that exist. Learn how to successfully use email marketing to make money online.

Email Marketing Promotion: A Quick and Easy Guide

Email marketing promotion is probably the most powerful tool an internet marketer can use, if done right. I’m going to give you an easy guide to building a list and promoting your product via email. If you follow this guide correctly, you’ll be a sales making machine!

Top Tips for Writing Compelling Email Campaigns

So you’ve got a great mailing list, a top-notch email marketing tool and you’re ready to start emailing. Here are our top 5 tips on writing emails that your audience will open, read and action.

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