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Dear John

Rejection is hard enough to take when all you have to deal with is the emotional fall out, but when it is your marketing email that is ignored it is much worse. Emails lists are expensive items to create so an email sitting unopened in the recipient’s inbox seems a personal affront. There is little doubt that the recipient is the most difficult hurdle to overcome in email marketing.

10 Things to Avoid When Doing Your Email Campaigns

Email can be a great tool for small business if used properly. If you are using an autoresponder and sending out emails to your customers or clients, here are a few things to watch out for. 10 Things to Avoid: Don’t ever embed an image in an email.

Email Marketing – Piggy Back Off the Major Players

The promos and sales on offer grabbed our attention and reached us at the right time. Now, there isn’t really anything startling here.

Desktop Marketing Tools – Discover Their Benefits Over Traditional Email Marketing

When email marketing was first introduced it was leaped upon by all, including the spammers. Although it is still extremely lucrative, it is becoming harder and harder to get your promotional messages through to your customer. Now there is a new alternative to traditional email marketing, and these desktop marketing tools promise a return to higher sales and bigger profits.

How to Make Your Newsletter Effective

Firstly and most importance is your content. We have said “Content is king.” Your content must be exciting & useful to attract subscribers.

What to Keep in Mind While Writing High Converting Emails?

In this cutthroat competition it has become mandatory to promote your brand and make people aware about your products. Writing emails is one of the ways to do this. When you write emails to introduce and impress your prospects with your high quality products or services then these mails are considered to be high converting emails.

How Article Publishing Can Help Your List Building Campaign and Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the trickiest campaigns to launch for promoting a brand or product, and no one can deny that. However, it is also a highly effective means to get to people and show them what you got; making it a really viable means to improve your business more, which is why it is an essential in every internet business.

Getting Subscribers on Your Mailing List by Offering an Ethical Bribe

You have a blog and you took my advice of starting a mailing list by signing up with AWeber. That’s great but now what? Getting visitors to your site and signing up to the mailing list. Today, we shall talk about how to get visitors to your mailing list by offering something in return for their name and email address.

Little Known Ways to Boost Your Opt-In Rate

You have a blog, you’ve been writing your contents and now you want to turn one-time visitors into subscribers (and you are smart enough to use an email marketing service like AWeber or GetResponse). So how do you boost the opt-in rate with regards to the opt-in form?

Words to NEVER Use in Your E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is getting more and more difficult for entrepreneurs. Don’t add to the problem by choosing the wrong words in the body of your e-mail! The wrong choice of words can make the difference between landing in prospects in-box or just disappearing into cyberspace!

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