Create a board game my simple plan Here’s an email template you could use to send to your existing list of email subscribers

Where Does Email Go When it Isn’t Delivered? Part 2

A sender’s reputation can follow not only an IP address but a brand and a sending domain. A holistic approach is necessary when considering a sender’s reputation as no one factor alone determines what that reputation is. Reputation can be broadly defined as the opinion of a community toward an object. Knowing what the community looks for when determining a reputation will allow you to maximize your delivery rates.

How to Find an Email Address Online

While there can be no debate that the Internet is the greatest learning tool our society has ever created, as well as the greatest communication tool, it is also a spectacular place to waste time. We have all gone to the world’s largest search engine, Google, and typed in a few personal things just to see what would come up. Who hasn’t Googled their names, phone numbers or email addresses?

Time Saving Email Tips

When email was first introduced into offices all over the world, most bosses were excited because they saw how this new form of instant communication could save everyone so much time. Today, email has become a burden that many people have trouble managing. Here are a few easy to follow tips you can use to help put email back where it belongs: on the side of saving you time instead of wasting it.

Using an Email Directory

Although the idea has been bantered around for a decade or so, the idea that a comprehensive and reliable email directory is now online is still shocking to most people. The mere idea that someone was able to cobble together the majority of all email addresses into one easy to access directory seems almost too good to be true. Business people everywhere are seeing dollar signs and potential while everyone else is thinking of all the people they can re-establish contact with after so many years away.

Where Does Email Go When it Isn’t Delivered? Part 1

While all ISPs score a sender’s reputation by giving different weight to various factors you can be assured that all major ISPs are using some type of equation to determine your reputation. How they calculate your sender reputation score determines whether your mailing is received in the inbox, the junk mail folder, or even delivered at all.

How to Build an Email Database

Email marketing is the most popular marketing tactics used by all the companies because of the low investment. Even the smallest of the companies use it to reach out to the larger number of people. But one may wonder that how these companies build such a huge email database? This article discusses only the legitimate methods being used to build the database.

Email Marketing Tips – How to Become an Email Marketing Profit Maestro

You, an email marketing profit maestro? Yes, you can be one. All it takes is using proven principles and taking action…

Email Marketing Tips – Not Getting the Response You Crave From Your Email Marketing?

The success rate in email marketing is probably the same as in any other business. Or probably worse. Out of 100 people who try this marketing strategy, maybe only 10 end up making a long-term income from email marketing, and maybe only 5 make a full-time living on the Internet…

Leading Them on So They Want More

As soon your subscriber opens your mailing they give you their attention. This attention can be short lived depending on how well you hold their attention with not only the appearance of your newsletter but with your headlines and lead sentences. You never have another chance to make a first impression. Subscribers typically scan through mailings and if nothing holds their attention they move on and listen to nothing you have to say. A good headline entices the reader into wanting to read more. The opening paragraph and lead sentences are where you make your case to the reader to go on and continue reading.

Using Surveys to Segment Your Subscriber List

You want to segment your subscriber list based on shared needs so that your subscribers respond similarly to your marketing strategy. Ineffectiveness arises in email marketing when you do not address your subscribers’ needs or your subscribers become disenchanted with your products or services. Effective email marketing involves developing a relationship with your subscribers that is built around addressing their needs. Through list segmentation you are able to differentiate between the different needs of your subscribers so that you can then send targeted mailings that your subscribers will respond to in a similar way.

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