Copywriting Hack

Copywriting Hack:

Use comparisons

People are wondering how you’re better than your competitors.

Don’t be afraid to tell them the truth.

Talk about how your product is:
– Better
– Faster
– Cheaper

Then what’s already out there.

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Getting Around an ISP Port25 Block Using a Modified Sendmail Config

Many ISPs block port 25 (AOL & comast being two big ones) making it nearly impossible to send out your newsletter from your computer, even if you use a remote SMTP server. However, there are ways to make that remote server take your mail using a different port.

How to Create and Send Out an Email Newsletter

Ever since I started my business, we have been sending out an email newsletter on a monthly basis. I meet small business owners all the time who tell me they’d like to send one out too, but often don’t end up doing one for a number of reasons. So, I thought I’d explore what some of those reasons are and how to get around them.

Email Marketing Tips and Secrets

Email marketing can be a great way to get the word out about your product or company. If done right good email marketing should be about the reader not the publisher, and should be aimed at a well targeted audience. You need an audience that is actually interested in what you have to offer.

How to Build an Email Marketing Empire That Floods Your Bank Account With Cold Hard Cash

Do you find yourself wanting to have an email marketing list that you can tap into at anytime to learn more about your market, send out promotions to and ultimately earn some cold hard cash as well? Well, that dream can be a reality as long as you take some specific steps to get there.

Email Marketing – Learn the Secrets of Generating a Pipeline of Instant Cash Anytime You Want!

So what is the secret to online success? If you’ve been around online for a while now, you would probably have heard of this phrase often enough: “The money is in the list!” It is repeated often because the saying is true: you do need a list to generate a solid, dependable income online and make repeat sales from your customers. In fact, it is one of the only ways to generate repeat customers. No other method comes close.

Are Bulk Email Marketing Techniques Really Beneficial?

Bulk email marketing is quite different from SPAM email marketing. It is an easy and convenient way of online promotion.

Email Marketing – Advertisement With Sharp Focus

Mass appeal and mass reach are the basic purposes of any advertisement campaign. It is important for a successful ad campaign that is why Email marketing has become popular.

Email Marketing – What Motivates You More – Fear Or Hope

We are all motivated to do something differently. What motivates you may not motivate me. In this article, let’s look at two specific emotions that we are all motivated by in one way or another when it comes to email marketing.

Email Marketing Services – To Remove Barriers of Communication

Email has become a very productive promotion tool. So it is not surprising that Email marketing services are becoming more and more famous.

Email Marketing – Are Your Basics Covered?

Every once in a while I see something which makes me just ask WHAT?!? What will it take for you to treat your business like a business and not a hobby or something which exists purely to give you write-offs?

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