church grower bible trivia board game #boardgame #familyfun #blackhistory Terri B Jones for her 60th birthday has created a Bible Trivia Board Game to help families come together in a fun way to increase their Bible knowledge so they can spread the gospel.
Help Terri get this game into homes by purchasing one or two games, sponsoring a person or hosting a game day.

Five Unique Benefits of Email Marketing

You may already know the benefits of email marketing, but have probably concluded that email marketing is a desperate attempt at soliciting interest. This is not the case, at least not with professional email marketing. Email marketing is often associated with SPAM, but these two types of advertising are completely different. Professional email marketing is more organized and polished and sent to already-interested viewers, whereas SPAM mail is randomly sent out to Internet users who do not want to read it. Consider five benefits that come with professional email marketing.

Should You Hire an Email Marketing Specialist?

Don’t discount email marketing just because you have had bad experiences with SPAM. In fact, email marketing is said to be one of the best ways of reaching your targeted audience. An email marketing specialist can help you reach that audience and create a solid advertising campaign. The focus on an email campaign is to acquire new customers, keep the interest of past customers and generally increase visibility of the product or service.

Selecting the Right Email Marketing Company For Your Business

Email marketing is fast becoming one of the most important and efficient direct marketing tools for companies that want to realize a greater return on investment from their marketing efforts. Email marketing, like most direct marketing, has its own set of metrics and success ratios and specialized techniques to make a campaign successful. It is not something that should be approached blindly. There are many companies that offer their services as email marketing specialists who can partner with companies looking to utilize this highly-efficient marketing tool to raise revenues. How does a company go about choosing which company is right for them?

Email Marketing – A Great Source of New Customers

Email marketing can be the best source of new business, repeat business and other types of interaction for companies and non-profit groups. Especially, for those whose livelihood thrives on website traffic. Therefore, generating interest in the company’s products or message to accumulate hits on a regular basis is imperative. Catalog companies, non-profit groups receiving online donation support and membership driven organizations, can all benefit from the real time response of email marketing.

The Effectiveness of a Great Email Marketing Campaign

When businesses or non-profits need to send a high-impact marketing promotion to their contacts, the most efficient way is through email marketing. The fastest way to alert clients of discount pricing, important notices, event changes, or any exciting news from your company is to send them a notice via their email accounts.

How to Write a Great Email Marketing Message

It’s a proven fact that people read email, spend money on email marketing, and buy things because of email. Just because there are billions of SPAM messages that get deleted every day doesn’t mean that millions of messages are going unnoticed. Success depends upon the way you go about delivering your messages. If you can learn to write a great email marketing message, then you may be able to increase your sales. Here are five points to remember in writing email messages.

How to Use Email Marketing Promotions to Your Advantage

Businesses have a lot to gain from making use of legitimate email marketing. Email flyers that are sent to existing customers serve the same purpose as did mass mailings in the past: they remind the customer of the company and keep the customer informed about useful offers and promotions.

Email Marketing – Your Line of Communication With Customers

Every company seeking the means to reach existing clients and make new customers should have an effective email marketing campaign in place. Think of your email as a daily or weekly update of your company’s website that reaches out to individual customers. New products in your catalog? Last minute savings on discontinued stock? The fastest way to spread the word of what is going on in your company and to drive traffic to your website, is to take advantage of email marketing.

Tips For Writing Good Promotional Email Copy

When one of your clients opens up your promotional email, the most effective way to persuade them of the value of reading it is very simple: Don’t waste their time. Writing good ad copy is an art and a science; it combines the art of persuasion with the science of marketing.

Email Marketing Versus Spam

Unfortunately, some businesses that stand to benefit from a well-organized and ethical e-mail marketing campaign believe the practice is synonymous with “spam”, one of the most detested online nuisances around. Legitimate email marketing, when conducted following some simple guidelines, is a much different thing than is spam and is both effective and affordable.

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