Building an Agency That Helps Other Agencies Get Acquired or Become More Profitable

In this video, Josh talks about Building an Agency That Helps Other Agencies Get Acquired or Become More Profitable.

We talk at length about agency acquisitions, agency multiples, how to qualify prospects, and so much more.

Josh previously was the COO at a digital marketing agency that got acquired and wanted to use his expertise to help other agencies do the same.

So he’s built out a lean team that comes into agencies to do just that.

You can connect with Josh on Instagram here:

#agency #acquisition #profitable

How to Manage Your Email List

It is impossible to monitor and analyze the response rates of your email marketing campaigns without proper management of your email contacts. If you don’t manage your email list properly, then your email addresses and domains may be blocked due to high bounce rates by your ISP which assumes that you are a spammer.

How to Write Creative Emails

Creativity in content, design and attractive offers compel a reader to open your email message and act on it. Therefore creativity is very important because it can improve your response rates. It requires more effort and hard work as compared to basic email messages.

How to Build an Email Lists

Email marketing is very important for online businesses therefore, these days, much importance is given to it. You should grow your email contact list because it plays a key role in internet marketing and maximizing revenues. Here are some suggestions that can help you grow your email list rapidly.

Marketing Through Email

Email is a cost effective marketing method to communicate with your potential customers about your products and services. You cannot profitably continue the process of business without marketing. The question is “How will you tell people about your products and services?”

Organizing Your Email

Organizing emails in your mailbox is very important since that will enhance your reading efficiency. It will also help you separate important emails from spam, private emails from commercial and similarly bulk emails from informative ones.

How to Get Better Email Open Rates

The success of email marketing campaigns depends on your email newsletter open rates. You can create great newsletters with the help of newsletter software. Email open rates depend on many factors and some of them are given below:

Best Time to Send a Promotional Email

The responses from bulk email marketing messages vary from time to time; therefore it is very important to know when to send promotional emails to your potential customers. The answer is from “Tuesday to Thursday” because on these days email open rates are higher as compared to other days.

What You Need to Know About the CAN-SPAM Act

The CAN-SPAM Act defines and outlaws spam, and also sets out the penalties for those responsible for sending spam. The law applies to all email marketers sending email in the United States, and there are some ‘subtleties’ you should probably know about.

Email Campaign Management Tool – Enhance the Abilities and Potential of Marketers

Every business success depends on its advertising and promotional success . There are endless ways of putting your product and business out there for everyone to see. But one of the most effective ways of advertising is mailing lists and email brochures. The internet has been transformed into a business paradise where every marketer s dreams come true. Email campaign management the tool that should be used to make such systems work effectively which will in turn enhance the abilities and potential of marketers. So this is how email campaign management software will benefit you at large.

How to Mix Email Marketing With Affiliate Marketing to Have an Effective Internet Marketing Campaign

If you actively or directly involved in affiliate marketing but have yet to build or establish a list through email marketing at the same time, you will not be able to fully maximize its true potential. Throughout this article, you will learn how to combine affiliate marketing together with email marketing to produce an effective Internet Marketing campaign.

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