Breaking Down the 3 P’s of a 7 Figure Marketing Agency with Nick Shackelford

In this video, 7 Figure Marketing Agency Owner Nick Shackelford breaks down the 3 P’s of a successful digital marketing agency.

The 3 P’s are:

– People

– Process

– Platform

Nick talks about the balance between the three and how delicate each one is to the other.

If this video gets 30 comments with people letting us know what you do, we’ll drop a Part 2 going in-depth on the most popular answer.

Potential answers (there’s a bunch more):

– I run or work at a Shopify Store (bonus points for sharing the vertical)

– I run or work at a paid social agency

– I run or work at a paid search agency

– I run or work at an email marketing agency

– I do freelance copywriting

– And so on

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