Best Shopify Apps 2021 | Must Have Shopify Apps 2021 [FULL LIST]

In this video, Jake Giebz, runs through his full list of the Best Shopify Apps 2021.

As an ecommerce marketer myself, I can confirm that these are the Must Have Shopify Apps 2021.

Here are the Shopify Apps that Jake mentions in this video:

– Triple Whale:

The tool of choice, for the fastest growing brands. Triple Whale centralizes the metrics from all the tools you use, right into your pocket.

– LiveRecover:

Powered by real people, LiveRecover contacts, engages, and converts your abandoned carts into sales for you over text message.

– Candy Rack:

The one click upsell & cross sell app for your product pages.

– Hyros by @Alex Becker’s Channel:


– Klaviyo (my link):

Klaviyo helps businesses own their marketing. Klaviyo lets you deliver amazing experiences across email marketing and other owned channels.

– TaxJar:

Sales Tax Compliance for Modern Commerce.

– HelpScout:

The customer support platform for growing businesses

– Feedonomics:

You Sell Products,We Optimize Them.

Boost Your Sales with the #1 Full Service Product Feed Management Platform

– Dcart:

Cart discount, Discount on cart, Coupon on cart

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How Often Should You Email Your Subscribers

You can re-publish content from article directories on your blog or in your email newsletter. However, in many cases you can write an article that suits your readers better yourself. Beware that some articles even contain false information. For example, I found an article that gives the advice to write to your email list once a month. Well, I don’t agree and give you a couple of good reasons why you should email them more often.

10 Email Marketing Facts

Email marketing is probably one of the most underrated aspects of internet marketing. When you have a targeted email list, it is possible to continually make sales over and over to the same people. This article will give you the facts about email marketing.

Pinpointe – Marketing Arsenal Unleashed

Pinpointe is a fast, inexpensive and a highly effective way to target and address other businesses in the virtual arena. Some of the major companies are making use of this email marketing service as it delivers significant returns on investment and enhances brand loyalty and is touted as the most powerful tool that makes your marketing arsenal.

Constant Contact – A Comprehensive Email Marketing Program

Constant Contact offers everything including the gloss as well as the generalities about email marketing services available online. Constant Contact is termed as one of the major players in the email marketing concept and it has an extensive experience in interactive email marketing on the client level.

Mailchimp – Exciting Medium For Email Marketing Services

What is it that Mailchimp has in common with some of the most successful mailing lists available in the arena of email marketing services? They all are experts at email marketing and form the bandwagon of various innovators and designers that share the same ideas and insights, that lead to the same goals. Mailchimp is an amazing collection of email lists that can be used to understand the marketing policies.

Email Marketing – Care and Feeding For Growth

Really, when you stop to think about it…your garden and your email marketing list are a lot alike. Both start with bare ground…an opportunity… to grow something. Both require fertilizer of some type… the garden may need a load of manure with a pile of worms…and the email marketing list…an ethical bribe.

Bronto – GPS on the Route to Internet Success

Bronto has the power to build long lasting customer relationships in order to deliver to the wide variety of clients available around the globe. Bronto email marketing service is one of its kind that offers a combination of expertise and practicality for email marketing in order to enhance the brand equity, make revenues or circulate massive news on the internet.

The Megawatt Value of Email Marketing

I was at a meeting the other day, and several people were complaining about the overload factor of email. They were complaining about how many emails they get every day that they simply delete. Interestingly, they all acknowledged that these were email messages from people or companies they had given permission to send them email.

iContact – The Best Vehicle For Email Marketing

The world may be tired of commercials but one can make the most of email services that are invited by the internet users. With iContact, email marketing allows the entrepreneur to do much more than just making commercial, as they can also attain feedback communication through this service. As a marketer, this serves and as a very effective tool, as it maintains a white list and one can actually sell from it. iContact essentially aids in maintaining a one-on-one dialogue with the customer while attaining a feedback communication from them.

Autopilot Cash Formula – What’s the Best Way to Get a Response From Your Email List?

The only way to obtain a result from your mailing list is to give them with free of charge information; suggestions they can utilize. Do this in the first emails, then at consistent intervals – forever!

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