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How To Run A Successful Email Promotion

Email marketing is a great way to promote yourself, your business, and your products/services. Do it well and you can speak to potentially thousands of genuine prospects (depending on your email list) for all of twenty minutes work. Has there ever been a more efficient way of selling? I think not. But having said that, if you don’t get your email marketing spot on, then you will struggle to make any sales at all. Unfortunately for the vast majority of people who run their own email marketing campaign, they fall into this very category. Here’s how to effectively run an email promotion which should see you rake in the orders.

Grow Your Email List

The real growth of your business is in your email list. You need a website and you need to be driving a lot of traffic to that site, with the purpose on building an email list of prospects and students that love you and want to buy from you. Here are some tips for making sure that your lead generating system runs smooth and also gives you a lot of leads coming in everyday.

How to Conduct an Email Survey

Ever wondered what to sell to your email list? If so, then you’ll want to read this article because I will tell you a powerful way you can learn exactly what the people on your email list want to buy.

How to Position Your Email Campaign for Best Results

The process of positioning Your Email Campaign for Best Results is similar to other methods of content marketing in that you need your written, or verbal word to act in accordance with some of the fundamentals of Information business marketing techniques. You need to sell yourself, but as a business that’s there to help them, not as a super salesman or woman – which will turn them off immediately.

3-Step Formula To Making Your Email Marketing Very Profitable

Here’s a simple 3-step formula that will show you how to make your email marketing a lot more profitable, almost overnight. It’s so easy to follow that you can get on with it as soon as you’ve finished reading.

The Danger of Relying on Email Marketing – By a Guy Who Loves Email Marketing

Yes, I think email marketing is the best and most efficient form of selling. But do I ONLY use email to sell my stuff? No. How come? Because I’d be leaving money on the table. Here’s what other forms of direct-response marketing you should be using alongside email to maximize your profits.

Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know

The email marketing industry uses some specialized terms that you should know. This article covers the most popular terms you will see or come across.

What My Failed Attempts at Finding a Girlfriend Can Teach You About Email Marketing

No doubt you’ve asked yourself how often you should be emailing your list. I used to ask myself the same thing. But I learned the best email marketing strategy to use after getting my first girlfriend. Here’s how…

Why Being Polarizing Is One of The Best Ways To Make Your Email Marketing More Profitable

Being polarizing in your emails is a great way to make your email marketing a lot more profitable. Here’s how a “YouTuber” does it, and, most importantly, I’ll show you how you can do it, too.

Who Else Wants Better Clients?

This is the best advice I ever ignored: “Don’t just take on “anyone” as a client. Some people just aren’t worth the money.” Trust me, being selective over who you do business with is one of the most important things you can do if you want to run a successful long term business. Here’s why this is the case, as well as how YOU can attract clients and customers you’ll love doing business with.

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