As a business owner, there are 3 things I want to see from my team:

As a business owner, there are 3 things I want to see from my team:

1. Ability to increase top line revenue & bottom line profitability.
2. Ability to solve existing problems as well as create solutions to solve future problems.
3. Ability to lead & manage other team members.

Top Ten Tips for Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns

Building strong customer relationships with email marketing newsletters that deliver results is key in today’s business environment. Creating the communication and following these top 10 tips for successful email newsletters will help you to build and develop strong relationships with existing customers and market your services more cost effectively.

Email Marketing Delivery Problems (Part 3)

Different email marketing delivery problems have been discussed in the first and second installment of this article. To continue, here are other email filter aspects that could pose a problem to your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Delivery Problems (Part 2)

Some of the Email marketing delivery problems were discussed in the first part of this article. Here are other email filter aspects that can negatively affect your email marketing campaign.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Here are 10 essential steps for writing emails that get dollar-multiplying results. Frequency of emails is important – send weekly or fortnightly – monthly is not enough! Use your marketing emails to build rapport and relationship with your customers and prospects.

Email Marketing Delivery Problems (Part 1)

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing. But what happens if you’ve done everything within your power-build a subscriber list, great email campaign, irresistible subject line and content, an awesome landing page, a tracking software to record results, tested it on people and generated great feedback-but it seems like there’s still few sales? What’s even more confusing is the extremely low email open rates?

Email Marketing Tips for People Who Are Having Problems With Large Unsubscriptions

Your email marketing campaign may be proved worthless if your entire distribution list keeps on unsubscribing from your emails regularly. Here are some things that you need to learn if you have problems with Unsubscriptions.

Five Ways to Use Email to Close Sale

Like all other forms of marketing, email marketing is designed to result in an actual sale. This article will focus on how to create 5 types of emails that will lead to an immediate sale. All the techniques discussed here pre-supposes that you’ve already established some sort of a relationship with the intended recipients of your email. It doesn’t matter if they’re either confirmed as interested prospects or established customers.

The Email Marketing Nudnik Test

Okay, so how do you know – without a doubt – when you’re being a nudnik, when you’re sending too many emails to your money pot, your gold mine – your email list? Consider the following.

Bulk Email Or Opt-In Email

I received a letter last week from an avid reader and customer. He wrote of a frustrating situation he was in. He isn’t the first to write about this particular problem, so I felt I should tackle it.

Dishonest Emails Keep Coming

When someone is looking for a way to earn money from home, the dishonest emails may be enticing. They sound like a good offer which promises a large sum of money. These are generally horrible scams which should be avoided.

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