Angela Spears Interviews Church Grower Game Bible Trivia for Youth Mental Health #bibletriviagame Do you have youth with mental health situations that are challenging? Angel Spears interviews Terri B Jones the Church Grower Bible Trivia Game on how she believes this game can help with youth mental health by hosting Bible Trivia With A Twist Game Day. Get more details and schedule a game day here

Do Not Use Email Lists For Marketing

One of the “itches” that a lot of website or blog owners get is that they want to go out and quickly buy email lists of 1,000,000 leads, and just spray the internet with these just to “see what happens.” But the motivator behind the pitch is the suggested conversion rate for these emails in which prospective buyers are told…

Email Newsletters For Restaurants – 10 Content Ideas to Make Your Newsletter Sing

While an email newsletter can be a highly successful marketing tool for a restaurant, creating interesting, valuable content is a time-consuming headache for busy restaurant owners. The good news is that much of the content for your email newsletter already exists within your restaurant and with your customers. In this article, I suggest ten ideas for newsletter content that are easy to create and quick to engage readers.

Email Marketing Services – One of the Most Effective Marketing Services of All

Email marketing services are getting popularized as easier marketing services. Even though this online marketing technique is still not immune to its major drawback, which is spamming! So what are the secret strategies of email marketing campaign to make it a sure success?

Reasons People Opt-in to Your Email List

An opt-in mailing list is a group of people who have voluntarily request to receive emails from you on one or more of your niches. There are many reasons why someone may subscribe to your list.

High Tech Email Marketing – Your Formula For Success

Conventional marketing techniques such as ad campaigns and promotions are certainly quite effective, but since they can easily cost you a fortune, it’s recommended that you try other low-cost yet highly effective options that might be available. Now, there are many such options available, but if you want to get the best possible results, look no further than e-mail marketing and promotions that work well for both online and offline businesses. The best thing about e-mail marketing is that you are not required to have or develop any specific skills for using this relatively new marketing …

Why Do You Need an Opt-in Mailing List?

If you had a chance to ask the big internet marketing gurus how they make most of their money, I’m sure the number one answer would be email marketing. There are several different reasons for this.

Email Marketing Tips – How to Get an Old Mailing List to Respond to Your Emails Again!

Getting an old mailing list to respond to your emails again can be a tricky task, but not if you use a few simple tactics that have been proven to work time and time again. In this article, I’m to discuss these simple, easy-to-use tactics you can implement in minutes.

Why Internet Marketers Need an Email Marketing Campaign

If you are an internet marketer you must have an email marketing campaign. Email marketing is the only way to build up rapport and a relationship with your prospects. This relationship is extremely valuable for two important reasons.

Business Marketing Online – $36 Billion Google Mistake Can Predict Small Business Survival

No matter what happens in the immediate future, small businesses who survive the economic storm of the century and sail unscathed into the future will need to adapt their marketing to keep sales from sliding into oblivion. More and more businesses are panicking and sliding into the darkness. The time to act is now. As the nation holds its breath to see what happens next, nothing needs your attention more right now than your marketing strategy. Learn from the $36 Billion mistake Google is making and put your marketing and sales on the fast track.

How to Get Customers to Open Your Emails FIRST

Want to know the secret to following up via email? TWO WORDS: Subject line. Because that’s the only thing customers see.

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