ALWAYS and I mean, ALWAYS, send a customer thank you email after someone buys your product.

Don’t make this costly email mistake that I see a lot of brands making.

What a lot of brands do is send you a lot of campaigns, a lot of flows, a lot of emails, a lot of follow ups trying to get you to purchase from them.

And then once you purchase, they don’t really send you much from there.

They kind of ignore you and they’re really just focusing on trying to convert subscribers into first time buyers instead of nurturing first time buyers and holding their hand, also trying to get them to buy again.


Send a thank you email after someone buys your product.

The end of a purchase is the start of a relationship.

Email Marketing – It Works, If You Know The Basics Well!

Email Marketing has become a cost-effective mode of promotion on the internet. Emails can reach the audience on global scale because emails overcome the barriers which are encountered with the normal mode of advertising through the television, radio or newspaper. Email can cross the demographic barrier and reach out to a larger audience involving minimal cost.

Email Marketing – The Easiest Way To Reach Your Customers

The number of internet users is increasing day by day. It is one of easiest ways of reaching people quickly. This concept has given rise to email marketing which is catching up fast with all kinds of businesses. The greatest advantage of using this type of marketing is…

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Email marketing has long been a resource for businesses, professionals and organizations interested in reaching people with a message. However, due to the recent shift in the market and how consumers react to advertising, it is more difficult than ever before to reach someone with a message. That said, there are simple ways to overcome this…

3 Things NOT To Do With Your Email Marketing

Be honest with your email disclaimers. If you have a biography in your email don’t lie that you have made millions if you haven’t.

How To Use Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing can be used in a number of ways to generate an interest in a business or their products. The following examples highlight just why this traditional advertising format is still of value today in the digital age.

Tips on Creating a HTML Email Subscription Form on Your Web Site

Most webmasters set a subscription form only on their homepage or create a separate subscription page and link it from the homepage. What are the chances for a visitor who enters your web site through an intermediate page going to the homepage? Most visitors only look for what they want… So better make few things prominent so they catch your visitors attention…

E-Mailers – The Best Time to Send Out? Find Out Now!

This is the big question that everyone has been trying to fathom out since we first discovered the ‘send’ button. A lot depends on your target audience, your message and your offer or message.

The Importance of Building a Profitable List

Advertising is an inevitable part of any business. People need to know what your company sells and how you sell it and you can achieve this through advertising. Of course not any kind of advertising will do. Sometimes you need to find out what the best advertising for you site. One thing is for sure, advertising to people who want to know your company is one of the most important steps to take. This is how you build your email list. An email list is proven to be profitable since you re communicates to the people who have already inquired, purchased or you have interacted with.

Effective E-Mail Newsletter Writing – 9 Quick Tips

Effective e-mail newsletter writing is less of a challenge once you understand how it should be done. Of course, there are no hard-core rules, but with these simple tips you are likely to get a lot more people to actually read your newsletter, and a lot more people to visit your website.

Generating Website Traffic Through Email Marketing

There are three (or sometimes, if one is really ambitious, four) things that all online marketers and online entrepreneurs want from a website or blog – highly generated traffic, steady stream of visitors that come back for more, and turning visitors into actual buyers. All these things, if achieved by a certain website, guarantees a bright future in the online marketing field.

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