Agency vs Brand Side: Which Would You Rather Own?

Jordan owns a 7-figure marketing agency and multiple 7-figure ecommerce brands.

So I straight up asked him: Agency vs Brand Side Which Would You Rather Own

His answer was super interesting. Especially how his agency services his brands and how he thinks about it.

You can connect with Jordan on LinkedIn here:

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What Are the Differences Between Spam and Email Marketing?

You may have come across an offer for email marketing in your search for an effective promotional campaign. Email marketing? Wait a minute, isn’t that like SPAM? You know, those email advertisements that arrive once or twice a day and offer you the most bizarre promises about increasing your manhood? These two concepts are clearly not the same thing, though SPAM can be considered a form of email marketing that is abusing the system.

Understanding How Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a method of advertising. Technically, email marketing is an all-encompassing term. It can refer to any commercial or fundraising message. However, the term seems to convey to a direct form of advertising, with the specific purpose of (a) acquiring a new customer or motivate someone to make a purchase; (b) retain customers by strengthening a professional relationship; or (c) adding an advertisement to another email.

Email Marketing – How Much is Too Much For Your Customers?

Why isn’t your email marketing campaign getting more sales conversions? Could it be you’ve been sending your contacts ‘retail SPAM’ all this time without knowing it? Find out your business’ SPAM-threshold, choose the optimum send frequency for your campaigns and watch your sales conversions rise!

What’s the Importance of Viral Email Marketing to Your Online Business?

The world of viral email marketing might be the easiest tool you can use in online marketing. My advice to you – Start small and never purchase any mailing list services if you think you don’t need one. As a beginner, the effectiveness of your mailing campaign depends on the overall quality of your messages.

Importance of Permission Email Marketing

Is your online business in bad shape? Why not use the leading-edge techniques in permission email marketing? What’s PEM?

How to Write Marketing Emails

Email marketing is truly the best way to market your product without spending much money while receiving an excellent response rate. The problem is that you might not be a great writer or perhaps you don’t know how to start writing a marketing email. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you might imagine. The following tips will help you write a marketing email that is efficient and helps make sales.

Ways to Collect Opt-In Email Addresses

When you want to use email marketing to your advantage you will need to have plenty of email addresses of potential customers. However, this is not something that you can take care of by buying lists of harvested email addresses or just spamming people. Instead, you will need to ensure the email addresses you use to market your product are addresses that are legally yours to use.

The Basics of Opt-In Email Marketing

Junk mail is hated by most everyone that receives it. Similarly, spam, which is email junk mail, is usually just as hated and frequently bypasses people’s inboxes and is sent straight to the trash. This does not help your email marketing campaign so you will need to do something to ensure your marketing email safely arrives in the inbox.

Some Tips For Email Marketing

E-mail marketing can be a very effective way of building an ecommerce business. To be successful, you will need to provide value to your readers before you try to sell them.

Why Would You Use a Noreply Email Address

In many email marketing campaigns a noreply email address is used. Why would you do that? – Do you want to miss the deal of a lifetime, because they can’t reply?

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