Adding video to emails and landing pages

Email and landing pages are perfect for video – send your audience a link to your video with a pre-built “player” image in the email, or have them play your videos right on your landing page, all in just a few clicks.

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Contact Solo Ads and Email Marketing – Is Their Efficacy to Increase Traffic Arguable?

In order for a solo ad online to be useful and successful, many issues have to be taken into account. First, you must do your research good. There are LOTS of websites that sell solo email ads, if they are free, affordable, or expensive, the web is saturated with advertisers offering you the best solo email ads plans in order to get you to purchase. The control is in your hands. Before you even decide where to get your ad from you must have selected your target. Also to your ad being compact it must be sweet. You must appeal to the reader. Make them identify with you, with a experience you went through, and how you resolved the issue with the help of the product, service or website you are pitching them.

Email and Mobile Marketing – Now Affordable to the Smallest of Businesses

Both email and mobile marketing have risen in popularity amongst business owners due to its effectiveness as a means of building customer loyalty and increasing revenue. Until very recently, the costs of email marketing and mobile marketing were prohibitive to all but the largest corporate players, and as such the market (certainly for mobile marketing) remains largely untapped to this day. Direct marketing using these methods has undergone a revolution in recent years.

How to Generate Leads Using Email Marketing Services

Mail content should also be interesting and informative. A bland or boring content ends up losing readers while an interesting content grips up readers.

How to Promote Your Products Through Email Marketing

Internet Marketing is the best free sales promoting device nowadays. It continues to gain in popularity especially in this information age. Learn how to create an attractive method of promoting your products here.

Email Marketing – 5 Tips to Effectively Use Email Marketing

Broken email campaigns are now becoming a major concern of email marketers, especially now that there are companies who are blocking graphics in order to block spam messages. Choose a good email marketing service provider that will place all your sent email campaigns in a secure location on the web.

Common Problem – Email Click Through Rates

A lot of businesses have been using email marketing for a while now, and others are just starting out. No matter where you are, we have all had problems with our email click through rates, racking our brains as to why people just aren’t clicking that link! Which is why I have published this post; to give you a few ways to overcome this, and improve the click-throughs.

Emails – Subject Line Tips

The subject line is probably the most important part of your email. Even if you have the fanciest, best-looking e-newsletter in the world, if you have a bad subject line that doesn’t intrigue your recipient, not a lot of people are going to see your fancy newsletter.

Interview With an Email-Marketing Expert – Part 1

Today, readers, we are interviewing e-marketing expert Karen Purves. Karen is no stranger to Marketing or Social Media. In the 90’s, she pioneered a business networking model from which many businesses in South East England benefited. Now, after successfully setting up and selling one business, Karen is delighted to be working with small businesses so they can make the most of the world of e-marketing.

Top E-Newsletter Tips

Although we are always in a rush to send out our e-newsletters on time, and keep to the schedules we made ourselves, this should not make us sloppy in the way that we check our e-newsletter. Many people send it out in a rush, without even proof reading it. This is a BIG mistake. Even one capital letter out of place will make your newsletter look unprofessional to your readers. And you don’t want this now do you!

Why SMEs Should Invest in E-Marketing

A lot of SME’s (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) have already embraced the idea of e-marketing, and are welcoming it with open arms. In this post, I am going to tell you why I think that SME’s should invest in e-marketing.

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