5 Marketing Trends for 2022

I wanted to share 5 Marketing Trends for 2022.

1. Personalization within email marketing will become more important to leverage, yet more difficult to implement.

With iOS 14, 14.5, and 15, the visibility we have as marketers seems to be diminishing by the day.

Yet, we still need to provide just as personalized of an experience as we always have, if not, more.

We’ll need to tie back as much data as we can into our email platform so we have this data accessible.

Everything from where someone discovered us, to the onsite actions someone has taken, to their purchase behavior, and so on.

2. Creating experiences directly within the inbox will become more of a focus.

With recent technological advances, being able to create experiences within the inbox will become more feasible and more important.

And this goes beyond just leveraging something like a GIF within an email.

You’ll want to allow people to answer surveys within an email, leave a review within an email, and even down the road, transact within an email.

Emails will need to act more like landing pages.

More info to come on this topic in 2022.

3. Every smart brand will be leveraging SMS.

This one should be straightforward but the engagement (opens, CTR, and CVR) of SMS is incredible.

4. The brands that scale the fastest will be those that perfect word of mouth / referral marketing.

Top of funnel has become more difficult and unpredictable.

As such, brands that can foster relationships and build true communities will be those that win in 2022 and beyond.

Your customers should be creating content, sharing your brand, and providing valuable feedback.

5. More brands will mix-in plain-text emails.

While my team creates beautiful emails for our clients, and I’m also building a badass email design tool that anyone can use (launching in 2022), I do think plain-text will become more prevalent than it currently is for DTC brands.

Plain-text can feel more personal and can potentially lead to hitting the inbox more often than the promotions folder.

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