5 Email Marketing Tips That Will Teach You to Make Money in 1.21 Minutes

Yes that’s right, I hereby present you with:

5 Email Marketing Tips That Will Teach You to Make Money in 1.21 Minutes

Tip 1: Create a separate email list and subscribe to epic newsletters.

You get an ever-growing swipe file of subject lines and emails you can consult at anytime.

Bonus: Also works for when you don’t want to drop your main email to a bunch of newsletters.

Tip 2: People should think “wait what” when they get your email.

Subject lines are a pattern break, not a selling point.

And no I’m not suggesting you leverage clickbait.

Watch this video to see all the email marketing tips.


It surprisingly took a long time to make and it would mean a lot.

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Keep in Touch With Email

Not every e-mail needs to be a sales pitch. In fact, if every e-mail you send is a sales pitch, pretty soon your e-mails will be deleted without being opened, and you’ll find yourself with a shorter e-mail list every day as recipients scramble to unsubscribe. People who communicate with you through e-mail, whether friends or business associates, want to keep in touch. If they’ve signed up through your website, they’re agreeing to let you communicate with them, to share information of interest to them…in exchange for the possibility of developing a relationship…a business relationship between friends.

Get Your 2010 E-Mail Efforts to Launch Or Liberate You

What does 2010 look like for you? Can you use your e-mail to enhance your business? Are you going to do what you did…in 2009, 2008, 2007? You’ve probably heard the saying…”if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” 2010 promises to be a challenging year. A grand opportunity to do something different…IF you want to get a different…and better…result. Your e-mail efforts can spiral your results.

Explode Your Market With Viral Email

Getting others to advertise for you on the Internet has the same effect as word-of-mouth advertising does on the street. It’s a good thing…as long as you are as good as your word…in your marketplace. Viral marketing is word-of-mouth advertising in e-mail. It is the art of getting your e-mail recipients to pass the e-mail on to others. This article contains some marketing tips on how to anticipate and create the kind of viral marketing effort you want.

Email Marketing Software – What Makes it Successful?

Marketing about the latest products and brands to a number of customers in less time is done with email marketing. Email marketing entered the market with a big bang, as a revolution in the direct marketing methods but due to the rise in the issues of spam mails and intrusion of privacy the importance of this marketing took a second place. However, email marketing is still considered as the best means to reach maximum number of customers provided it is used in the right manner.

How Email Cards are a Great Form of Email Marketing

I love technology. I like all of the ways in which technology has made my life more easy and more simple. I suppose I am a bloke that likes things as easy as attainable, thus that’s of course why I have come back to value the gift that the net really is. There are such a lot of ways that that the internet has influenced my life that I’m not sure where to start.

Develop Your Business With Bulk Email Advertising

There are a lot of free marketing strategies to improve your business. One of the most common ways to send your information to your potential clients is through the email bulk advertising.

Effective Email Marketing Tips

In every business, a business plan is important as well as marketing strategies. One of the most common strategy to increase your website ranking or visibility is the email marketing. With your email list, you will be able to send all your clients your product info and promotions.

Email Marketing Leads to More Sales

Every business owners wants to have a successful business online. In order to achieve this, they need to generate more sales by attracting more clients and that is through email marketing leads. You have make sure that they have a communication to all potential clients to make sure you give them updates of your business.

Who Are the Top Email Marketing Companies and How to Choose

As I consult with small business owners building an email list online I’m often asked who are the top email marketing companies and how to choose between them. There are many companies online and who’s the top would depend on how you define ‘top’ I suppose.

How to Build Your Email List Using Articles

As we know getting a high volume of visitors to our websites is very important, BUT getting the right visitors is more important. The right visitor is the targeted visitor, this is where using articles to build your email list comes in. Please read on for more information.

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